Automatic irrigation control for vertical garden

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Everything you need to set up an automatic watering system in your vertical garden with an open water circuit, meaning water supply from the water supply system and drainage.

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Product description

Irrigation set for a green wall. You can create a vertical garden yourself using PlantaUp panels. To water the plants, you can use tap water. To avoid the need for manual watering, we recommend installing a control system that can be mounted on a water pipe. You can create an automatic irrigation system for your vertical garden.

Instructions on how to prepare the site for installing the control system can be found on the website (

The set includes:

  • Water solenoid valve: 1 piece
  • Pressure regulator: 1 piece
  • Irrigation controller: 1 piece
  • Pipes for installing the system: pipe connection ends with a 1/2″ male thread

The control system is assembled and ready to be installed. You can see what the control system looks like in the photo. Prepare the water supply for the control system and end it with a 1/2″ male thread. Screw the connection from the control system into this place. Connect another pipe to the control system to supply water to the green wall. The water supply to the green wall must have a 1/2″ male thread end.

Availability: waiting time up to 14 working days from the order date.

Space for the control system.

Control area for an indoor green wall

Description of connection before installing the control system.

Method of preparing the location for the control system of an indoor vertical garden

Installed control system.

Example of control system.

Example of a mounted control system for an indoor vertical garden