Vertical Garden Panel Florafelt 12 Pockets

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Product description

Florafelt Panel Features:

– Size: Width 81 cm x Height 61 cm x Depth 4 cm,
– Weight: 3.2 kg (approximately 12 kg with plants),
– Includes: Root fabric, drip line, and mounting hangers,
– Equipped with 12 pockets for plants,
– Felt color: Black,
– Does not include plants

Durable and Safe:

The panel is resistant to moths, mold, and does not produce unpleasant odors or allergies. It contains no irritating or carcinogenic compounds. The mounting plate is made of polypropylene (HDPE) – a very durable synthetic material. The panel is lightweight, highly durable, and resistant to chemicals and water.

Ecological Construction:

Panels used to create vertical gardens are made entirely from recycled materials. The fabric produced from these materials is soft, non-toxic, stable, and virtually indestructible. This ecological synthetic material creates an ideal environment for the formation of a floral wall. It is highly valued and commonly used by artists and architects because it is more durable than organic materials that undergo rapid decay.

Availability: Custom order product. Waiting time up to 60 working days from placing the order. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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