Watering kit + solenoid valve + controller

950,00  gross

Everything you need to set up an automatic watering system in your vertical garden with an open water circuit, meaning water supply from the water supply system and drainage.

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Product description

Vertical Garden Irrigation Kit.

The kit includes:

  • 3 meters of irrigation tubing with a diameter of 7 mm
  • Drip emitters with pressure compensation, with a flow rate of 2.4 or 8l/h – 30 pieces
  • Tee connectors – 30 pieces
  • Water solenoid valve
  • Pressure regulator
  • 1/2” GZ connector to 7mm diameter tubing
  • Watering controller

When placing an order, please specify the flow rate of the ordered drip emitters:

  • 2l/h,
  • 4l/h
  • or 8l/h.

If the flow rate of the drip emitter is not selected, we will send drip emitters with a flow rate of 2l/h.

Service kit for irrigation is compatible only with the Vertical Planter PlantaUp and Florafelt systems. Learn how to properly water the vertical garden. We also suggest watching a short instructional video that explains how to replace drip emitters in the vertical garden.

Availability: Waiting time up to 14 working days from placing the order.