Vertical gardens…

green images, green walls, or mobile living wall create unlimited possibilities for interior design. They are also a natural element, a part of nature that becomes a part of our immediate environment and improves its climate.

If you love plants and are attracted to this type of modern arrangement, we encourage you to take advantage of our offer and create your own indoor vertical garden or an external green wall.


Our company has been specializing in designing and creating vertical gardens for years.

We are the manufacturer of panels for creating green walls – PlantaUp. We provide customers with materials that allow them to try their hand at creating green walls on their own.


Green walls – Your world

Designing and creating vertical gardens can bring joy both as an architect and as a private individual. The independent assembly of a garden, planting it with greenery, and taking care of it allows you to experience the satisfaction of having greenery indoors. It is also a fulfilling hobby and a way to spend time. The results will surprise and appeal to anyone who has the opportunity to admire the unique compositions created by you.

All the vertical gardens and green walls presented by us are either made by us or by our customers using materials purchased in the store. Feel free to browse through the photos where we showcase indoor and outdoor green walls.

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A green wall with live plants is a beautiful decoration for a company or home. If you want to try your hand at creating your own unique vertical gardens, with us, you can purchase not only the necessary materials but also receive technical and substantive support. Just give us a call or write to us. We will assist you in choosing species and methods suitable for the conditions in your living space. We’ll answer any questions. Welcome!