Set of plant wraps for a 12-pocket panel

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Root wraps for wrapping plants during their preparation for planting in a vertical garden.

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Product description

Thanks to root wraps, you can easily prepare plants in a way that allows them to be cleanly inserted into the pockets. When inserting plants, you don’t have to worry about soil dirtying the interior. It is a very quick and clean process. The wraps allow for free root growth, retain moisture, and let the plant expand.

Size: 30 cm x 30 cm
Quantity: 12 pieces
The set includes: 12 rubber bands

When used with the PlantaUp panel, the root wraps can accommodate plants from containers with a diameter of 12 cm.

Instructional video on how to prepare the plant step by step for planting in a vertical garden.


A large amount of information about species suggested for a vertical garden can be found in the section dedicated to plants for vertical gardens.


Plants wrapped in root wraps before planting on a green wall