Lamp for illuminating a mobile vertical garden

1720,00  gross

Lamp for every type of mobile vertical garden. It has the appropriate spectrum that supports photosynthesis.

Available on back-order

Product description

Surface-mounted lamp for any type of mobile vertical garden, to be mounted on the top frame.

Lamp arm length: 100 – 130 cm.

At the end, there is a lamp for illuminating plants, with an appropriate spectrum supporting photosynthesis.

Included with the lamp is a timer controller that should be connected to a 230V socket.

The lamp arm is painted in any RAL color.

Light fixture color: black or white.

The offer applies to a lamp for illuminating a mobile vertical garden, made of stainless steel and painted in any RAL color. Please specify the chosen color when placing your order.

Availability: Waiting time up to 14 working days from placing an order.

We encourage you to explore the vertical garden lighting section. It has been detailedly explained what type of lamp is suitable for plants planted on the green wall. Proper selection of the lamp is crucial for the life of the plants.