Vertical Planter Panel PlantaUp with 12 Pockets

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Panels for creating vertical gardens are made entirely from recycled materials, forming a soft, non-toxic fabric. This allows plants on the green wall to thrive.

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Product description

Technical Specification:

  • Size: Width 79 cm x Height 61 cm x Depth of the folded panel 3 cm (after assembly, up to approx. 10 cm),
  • Weight: 3 kg (approximately 12 kg with plants),
  • Includes: Root fabric, drip irrigation set, mounting screws,
  • Has 12 pockets for plants,
  • Felt color: Black,
  • Does not include plants.

Durable, Safe, and Eco-friendly:

Vertical Planter PlantaUp is resistant to moths, mold, and does not produce unpleasant odors. It also does not contain allergenic factors, irritating compounds, or carcinogens.

The mounting plate is made of highly durable plastic. The panel stands out with its light weight and high durability. It is also resistant to water and chemicals. Vertical Planter is entirely made from recycled materials, making the plant walls even more natural and environmentally friendly. Additionally, the stable, soft, and nearly indestructible material provides an optimal environment for a vertical garden. See an example of a vertical garden built with Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels.

The main advantages of Vertical Planter PlantaUp include its durability and the ability to create a specific environment conducive to plant development.

Vertical gardens constructed with our materials are designed so that:

  • Plants can breathe and grow freely for many years,
  • Plant roots never run out of space,
  • Plants are never overwatered, eliminating the risk of rot.

During watering, the front of the garden remains dry, and water only flows down the back of the panels. The plant takes as much water as it needs, and any excess is released. Air circulation and the quick-drying material eliminate the possibility of mold. In our designs, we can decide whether to leave a bit of soil around the plants or eliminate it entirely. This makes our systems very clean and allergy-friendly. They can be used in various types of vertical gardens. The panels adapt well to different conditions, as confirmed by the green wall gallery, where we showcase projects made using Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels.

Custom panel sizes are available.


  • Immediate shipping for orders up to 20 panels,
  • Waiting time of up to 7 working days from order placement for orders larger than 20 panels,
  • For orders exceeding 100 panels, the delivery date is to be determined via phone or email.