Large Mobile Vertical Garden (227x80cm)

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Create your own mobile green wall. The module is made of high-quality stainless steel. Each garden is self-sufficient, equipped with its own tank, pump, irrigation hoses, and a timer switch. It also includes root wraps. Just plant your flowers, connect the module to power, and enjoy your garden!

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Product description

Large mobile vertical garden for wall mounting or floor placement. The module includes a 109-liter capacity tank, a pump, and a timer. The tank is made of stainless steel and has 36 black pockets for planting. It is automatically watered every day.

Tank dimensions: 39 cm height x 80 cm width x 35 cm depth

Wall dimensions: 227 cm height x 80 cm width x 35 cm depth

Mobile living walls can function anywhere in the home or seasonally outdoors. Each system is equipped with a water tank, pump, and controller, ensuring optimal watering for the vertical garden. The module is lightweight and compact, suitable for floor placement or wall mounting. Excess water drains into the tank, which needs to be replenished with water at least once a week. Irrigation cycles are set using the controller, which must be connected to a standard 230V socket. On the main page of, there is a section dedicated to portable green walls, along with a description and details illustrating how a mobile vertical garden works.

The entire system includes: a water tank, pump, controller, and root wraps. Product also includes Vertical Planter PlantaUp panels. Thanks to them, the plants in the mobile green wall will thrive, and the entire structure will remain resistant to moths and mold.

The offer applies to a large mobile vertical garden made of stainless steel, painted in any RAL color. Please specify the chosen color when placing your order.

Availability: Waiting time up to 14 working days from placing an order.