Vertical garden lighting

Natural Light Indoors

It is stated that natural light is the best for illuminating green walls. It is very bright and diffused, and, moreover, it causes plants on the vertical garden to orient themselves towards it. They thus create a composition directed towards the source of natural light. However, illuminating plants indoors only with natural light is generally not sufficient. Artificial light is needed.

Therefore, when setting up a vertical garden, there is a need to install lamps to illuminate the plants on the green wall. It is important for the light from the lamps to be as similar to natural light as possible.

Green wall – LED Lighting Indoors

It has already been established that for illuminating a vertical garden, it is worthwhile to add supplementary lamps, which will to some extent replace sunlight. To ensure sufficient lighting, the minimum amount of light directed at the plants in the garden should be at least 800 lux per square meter of the living wall. Such lighting should be equipped with a spectrum that supports the plant in conducting the process of photosynthesis. It is accepted that lamps with a color temperature of 4000 K, a minimum Ra of 90, and a luminous flux of 4000 lumens would be suitable for illuminating a green wall.

The distance of the installed lamps from the garden is also crucial. They should be placed in a position where the light intensity is appropriate for the intended purpose. Typically, lamp installation is done at a distance of 120-170 centimeters from the green wall. There is the option to mount lamps on a track, ceiling, or wall.


Vertical Garden – Lighting Time

A wall of plants should be illuminated for 3 to 18 hours per day. The specific duration depends on the season and environmental conditions. To determine it, observations should be conducted, and the lighting time adjusted accordingly. We advocate connecting the lighting to a timer switch. This will prevent situations where plants receive too little or too much light.

This page contains the most important information regarding illuminating a vertical garden. More useful details can be found on our homepage and the section dedicated to vertical garden lighting on our website.